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  • January 29, 2024 3 min read


    At Home of Prefab, we believe unique, customizable prefabs are the way of the future. 

    Nestron, a Singaporean construction company that launched in 2012, is leading the charge. 

    What Sets Nestron Apart?

    Nestron is a game-changer in the tiny house industry. The company’s contemporary designs are versatile, smart, and sustainable.


    They’re also move-in ready, complete with built-in furniture and appliances. Today Nestron offers a range of steel-frame prefab models that feature everything a person needs—from the moment the homes leave the factory floor. With no foundation required, all the owner needs to do is hook up their utilities when the prefab arrives onsite.

    Modular home and a portable structure design side by side.

     But why choose Nestron? The company’s diverse finish options (which include rustic, minimalist, futuristic, contemporary, and ranch/country alternatives) are a great place to start. Yet the benefits don’t end there.


    Here are just some of the things that make the prefab company a cut above the rest: 

    Competitive Pricing

    Nestron’s cutting-edge tiny homes are available in a range of base models. Priced competitively, the structures in its Cube series range from $42,800 to $99,800, and Legend series range from $42,800 to $98,800, both series with square footage between 250 and 400 (Note that these price figures are in USD)

    Fast Building Times

    Once a client puts down their deposit, Nestron moves fast. Production takes just 90 to 120 days—and owners can expect delivery within 50 days of their virtual live inspection. Frequent production updates are simply an added bonus.

    Nestron being built

    Smart Technology

    Look no further than Nestron for built-in AI technology and other customizable smart features. Touted as a “new generation of tiny house,” the company offers a voice assistant named Canny, plus fully integrated home automation.

    Lasting Sustainability

    Generally, tiny living offers low energy use, high-temperature insulation, and other environmental advantages. Nestron takes things a step further by making every house ecofriendly, recyclable, and powered by green energy.

    High Durability

    Look no further for prefab homes that can withstand volatile conditions. Nestron says its galvanized steel frames can endure high humidity levels, hurricanes, and earthquakes. The homes are also slated to last over 15 years without rusting.

    Seamless Customization

    What’s more appealing than premium personalization? Clients can customize their fixtures, appliances, and layouts. Even smart home features and finishes can be tailored to the owner’s standards. Clients can also choose their desired interior and exterior paint colors.

    With Nestron, there’s truly something for everyone. The homes in the company’s Cube series are futuristic, while those in the company’s Legend series offer a cozier, darker look. 

    Where Are Nestron Prefabs Available?

    Given it's ability to ship worldwide, to date, Nestron has shipped its prefab homes to the UK and Canada. There are also 2024 shipments in progress to U.S. states including New York, California, and Texas—and to additional Canadian provinces.

    Modular home with large windows in a garden setting.

     For the client’s convenience, Nestron’s designs are pre-permitted. The company’s built-to-order specifications make compliance easy in the U.S. and worldwide. A certification process for the Canadian Standards Association (CSA) is currently in the works as well.

    An All-in-One Tiny Living Solution

    Installation isn’t always easy, but Nestron makes it simple with its all-in-one service. The company helps clients oversee the following: 


    Nestron will manage all the logistics needed to transport the prefab home to the designated shipping port. Secure shipping is guaranteed. 


    When the home arrives at the designated site, Nestron will carefully unload it—with help from the local installation team. 

    Utility Hookups

    Though utility connections only take a few hours to set up, this process involves a lot of coordination. Nestron makes it easy.

    Site Design

    Need help navigating the physical layout of your new property? Before installation, Nestron will perform design services upon request.


    Nestron - Smart Prefab


    Learn More About Prefab Construction

    Are you curious about prefab construction? Interested in learning more about our valued partner Nestron? Please contact us for details.