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  • Nestron Legend Two

    Step into the next level of spaciousness and coziness with the Legend 2 prefab model from Nestron.

    Starting at: $65,800

    Step into the next level of spaciousness and coziness with the Legend 2 series. This iteration elevates modern design while seamlessly incorporating classical elements.

    The Legend 2 model boasts sharp, clean lines with an edge, complemented by deep colors for a striking aesthetic. Grand French Windows are intricately integrated, ushering in a natural flow of light and offering a picturesque view right at your doorstep. Experience a harmonious blend of style and comfort as Legend 2 takes contemporary living to new heights.

    Starting at: $65,800


    Dimensions: 9150mm (30 ft) L × 3500mm (11.6 ft) W × 2800mm (9.2 ft) H

    Area: 32.1 sqm | 344.7 sqft

    Layout: Living Room, Bedroom, Kitchen, Bar counter, Bathroom.

    Renovation: Fine Decoration and Fully Furbish

    Pest control: Termite Resistant

    The standard Legend One model comes with:


    • LED Lighting
    • Electric Blinds
    • Music Player
    • Range Hood
    • Water Heater
    • Electric OR Gas Stove Top


    • Shower
    • Towel Rack
    • Basin


        • Range hood
        • Sink


        • Built-In Bed Rack
        • Wardrobe
        • Bar Counter

        Living room

        • Dining table
        • Sofa

        Optional add-ons available:

        • Solar System
        • Floor Heater System
        • Smart Toilet
        • Smart Mirror

        1. Submit a quote request

        2. A consultant will contact you within 24 hours to go through the process, discuss your requirements and desired add-ons, and confirm the final configurations.

        3. Pay a deposit of $10,000 which will immediately reserve a production slot and kick off the exciting journey of building your dream modular home once permitted.

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