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  • Nestron Cube One

    Introducing Nestron Cube One, a revolutionary one-bedroom tiny home that redefines compact living without compromising comfort or style.

    Starting at: $42,800

    This innovative studio concept is meticulously designed to accommodate up to 2 occupants, offering a seamless blend of sustainability and modern sophistication.

    Step into a new era of compact, intelligent living with Nestron Cube One. Perfect for those seeking a minimalist lifestyle without compromising on quality, this tiny home is your ticket to sustainable, stylish, and personalized living. Embrace the future, welcome home to Nestron Cube One.

     Starting at: $42,800


    Nestron Cube One features a thoughtfully crafted, cube-shaped design that merges intelligence with aesthetics. Its compact yet efficient layout maximizes space utilization, creating an open-concept interior that can effortlessly adapt to various living styles. Embrace the future of intelligent living with Nestron Cube One.

    Prioritizing mobility and flexibility, Nestron Cube One boasts a modular design that allows you to customize your living space to suit your unique needs. Whether you prefer an open layout or distinct living zones, the versatility of Cube 1 ensures a comfortable and personalized living experience.

    Measuring 7,000mm (23 ft) in length, 3,370mm (11 ft) in width, and 3,000mm (9.1 ft) in height, Nestron Cube One offers a generous 23.59 sqm (254 sqft) of living space. Despite its compact footprint, this tiny home provides all the amenities you need for a comfortable lifestyle.

    Cube One arrives ready for living, with fine decoration and full furnishings. Enjoy the convenience of a living room, bedroom, kitchen, bar counter, and bathroom, all tastefully designed to elevate your living experience.

    Worried about pests? Nestron Cube One comes equipped with termite-resistant features, ensuring longevity and durability. Invest in a tiny home that stands the test of time, requiring minimal maintenance and providing a worry-free living environment.

    • Dimensions:
      7000mm (23 ft) L × 3370mm (11 ft) W × 3000mm (9.1 ft) H
    • Area:
      23.59 sqm | 254 sqft
    • Weight:
      ≈5000kg | 5 tons | 10000 lbs
    • Layout:
      Living Room, Bedroom, Kitchen, Barcounter, Bathroom
    • Renovation:
      Fine Decoration and Fully Furnished
    • Pest control:
      Termite Resistant
    • Base Price: $42,800.00

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    2. A consultant will contact you within 24 hours to go through the process, discuss your requirements and desired add-ons, and confirm the final configurations.

    3. Pay a deposit of $10,000 which will immediately reserve a production slot and kick off the exciting journey of building your dream modular home once permitted.

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