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  • Nestron Legend Two X

    Introducing the Legend Two X, an extension of Nestron's Legend Two Series, featuring an expanded space of 7.9 square meters.

    Starting at: $98,800

    Introducing the Legend Two X, an extension of Nestron's Legend Two Series, featuring an expanded space of 7.9 square meters.

    This luxurious addition offers a premium tiny living experience, providing ample room for a full-size washer, refrigerator, and various other appliances and furniture. The increased size ensures you enjoy the comforts of a spacious living area without feeling constrained in a limited space.

    With three color and finishing options, the Legend Two X seamlessly harmonizes the external outlook with its interior design, adding a touch of personalization to your living space.

    Starting $98,800


    Inspired by classic American architectural styles, this design encapsulates the essence of nostalgia with a modern twist from Nestron. Reviving the timeless match of classic elements with contemporary innovation, this rustic design aims to evoke a sense of nostalgia. The light tones employed in this structure contribute to creating a lively and warm atmosphere, inviting you to experience the perfect blend of tradition and modernity in every detail. Welcome home to a design that transcends time and brings a touch of classic charm to contemporary living.


    Conceptualized to offer a blend of modesty and extravagance, the design is intended to be timeless. The application of dark tones creates a sense of tranquility, providing an atmosphere of calmness and sophistication. The interior is adorned with metallic features and detailing, harmonizing the entire product and adding a touch of modern elegance. Experience a space that transcends trends, offering both a sense of simplicity and opulence in a design that stands the test of time.


    This version epitomizes the perfect fusion of modern aesthetics and luxury. The design seamlessly blends silk and delicate interior details with contemporary furniture, resulting in a clean and sleek aesthetic that offers a high level of visual comfort. Immerse yourself in an environment where modernity meets luxury, creating a harmonious and visually pleasing living space that caters to both style and comfort.


    Dimensions: 10,500mm Length × 3,500mm Width × 3,100mm Height

    Area: 396 sqft

    Layout: Living Room, Bedroom, Kitchen, Bar Counter, Bathroom

    Renovation: Fine Decoration and Fully Furbish

    Pest control: Termite Resistant

    The standard Legend One model comes with:


    • LED Lighting
    • Electric Blinds
    • Music Player
    • Range Hood
    • Water Heater
    • Electric OR Gas Stove Top


    • Shower
    • Towel Rack
    • Basin


        • Range hood
        • Sink


        • Built-In Bed Rack
        • Wardrobe
        • Bar Counter

        Living room

        • Dining table
        • Sofa

        Optional add-ons available:

        • Solar System
        • Floor Heater System
        • Smart Toilet
        • Smart Mirror

        1. Submit a quote request

        2. A consultant will contact you within 24 hours to go through the process, discuss your requirements and desired add-ons, and confirm the final configurations.

        3. Pay a deposit of $10,000 which will immediately reserve a production slot and kick off the exciting journey of building your dream modular home once permitted.

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