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  • Modular Offices by Stack Homes

    Upgrade your work environment with a Modular Office

    Starting at:
    $55,000 for 120 square feet (12 x 10) + porch
    $67,500 for 200 square feet (16 x 12)

    Welcome to a new era of productivity with our Modular Offices, a permitting-free solution tailored for every work from home enthusiast.

    Upgrade your work environment with a Modular Office, designed for efficiency, comfort, and a seamless integration into your home. Embrace a new level of productivity with a workspace tailored to your needs.

    Starting at:

    $55,000 for 120 square feet (12 x 10) + porch

    $67,500 for 200 square feet (16 x 12)


    An open layout invites you to personalize your workspace, creating an environment that fosters creativity and efficiency.

    Enjoy the luxury of a covered porch equipped with 9-foot sliding glass doors, seamlessly blending your indoor and outdoor workspaces.

    Our offices are designed for comfort in all seasons, featuring exceptional thermal insulation to keep you focused and comfortable year-round.

    Experience a seamless electrical hookup, ensuring your office is ready for use with minimal hassle.

    Stay comfortable with a mini-split system for heating and cooling, providing optimal conditions for maximum productivity.

    Illuminate your workspace with 100% LED lighting, combining energy efficiency with bright, customizable lighting options, including the possibility of chandelier installations.

    Approximately 5 weeks for a quick turnaround, so you can start working in your new office sooner.

    Enjoy peace of mind with a one-year warranty, ensuring the longevity and quality of your investment.

    Delivered in one piece and ready to use, our Modular Offices eliminate the need for extensive setup or construction.

    Compact square footage and height eliminate the need for permitting, making installation on a flat surface hassle-free.

    Versatile Sizes:
    120 Square Feet (12 x 10 ft + porch):
    Base Price: $55,000
    200 Square Feet (16 x 12 ft):
    Base Price: $67,500

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