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  • EcoFlow DELTA Pro Ultra with Battery and Smart Home Panel 2 | EFDPU-BP-SHP2-US


    Introducing the EcoFlow Smart Home Panel 2, the central hub for your comprehensive whole-home backup system. Designed to seamlessly integrate with the EcoFlow DELTA Pro Ultra, batteries, generators, and solar panels, this panel features auto-switchover functionality for instant backup during power interruptions.

    Experience Smart Energy Management with circuit control, enabling extended backup capabilities and proactive outage preparedness through hourly weather assessments.

    Maximize savings every day by customizing your energy consumption. Adapt to Time Of Use (TOU) peak and off-peak rates, optimizing based on the solar energy generated by your home. The EcoFlow Smart Home Panel 2 is your key to efficient, cost-effective, and intelligent whole-home backup.

    What's Included

    • "Smart Home Panel 2 (glass door and dead front cover packaged separately)
    • Marking-off template
    • EcoFlow Power Input/Output Cable"
    • "EcoFlow DELTA Pro Ultra Battery
    • EcoFlow Battery Connection Cable"
    • "EcoFlow DELTA Pro Ultra Inverter (x1)
    • EcoFlow Portable Stand (x1)
    • EcoFlow Supporting Leg (x4)
    • EcoFlow Side Mount Caster (x4)
    • EcoFlow Disassembly and Assembly Tool (x1)
    • EcoFlow Solar to Low-PV Port Charging Cable (x1)
    • EcoFlow AC Charging Cable-C20 (x1)
    • User Manual & Warranty Card"

    User Manual


    • 5 Years

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