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  • EcoFlow DELTA 2 with 220W Portable Solar Panel | DELTA2-220W


    Introducing the EcoFlow DELTA 2 with one or two additional 220W Portable Solar Panel/s is the robust power solution for both your home and adventures.

    EcoFlow DELTA 2 Solar Generator Bundle:

    Ensure a reliable power supply with the EcoFlow DELTA 2 solar generator bundle, tailored for both home and on-the-go use. Simply plug in the 220W Bifacial Portable Solar Panels to harness up to 500W input, charging your system from anywhere in as little as 3 hours. Perfect for securing power at home, camping, fishing, or any outdoor excursion.

    Expandable Home Emergency Power:

    Adapt your power storage to your specific needs with the DELTA 2. With a capacity ranging from 1-3kWh, it's expandable for varied requirements. Enhance your setup by adding the DELTA 2 extra battery to achieve 2048Wh, or opt for the DELTA Max Extra Battery for an impressive 3040Wh. Ideal for home backup or powering everyday appliances.

    Rapid Dual Charging:

    The DELTA 2 charges at an unparalleled speed, thanks to X-Stream technology. Achieve 0–80% charge in just 50 minutes and a full 0-100% in 80 minutes with AC input. Alternatively, plug in portable solar panels and charge in as fast as 3-6 hours with 2 x 220W bifacial portable solar panels.

    Two-in-One Efficiency:

    EcoFlow’s 220W Bifacial Portable Solar Panel is ingeniously designed as two in one. Featuring a 220W primary side and a 155W side on the back for ambient light, capture up to 25% more solar energy, charging your portable power station even faster.

    Power Multiple Devices:

    With an 1800W AC output, the DELTA 2 can power over 90% of your home appliances. Connect up to 15 devices simultaneously, and with X-Boost technology, prevent overloading from devices up to 2200W, setting it apart from other brands.

    Tempered Glass. Built to Last:

    Featuring a thin, one-piece tempered glass design, this solar panel is five times tougher than comparable models, capable of withstanding temperatures up to 300°F. Built to endure the elements, it ensures lasting durability for your power needs. 

    • Generates up to 3kWh daily.
    • A 1800W AC output.
    • Up to 23% conversion with a unique two-in-one bifacial design to guarantee a fast solar charging speed: 0-100% in 3 hours (2 sets) and 6 hours (1 set).
    • IP68 dust and water resistance.
    • Smart remote control with EcoFlow app.
    • 5-year warranty for DELTA 2 and 12-month warranty for 220W Portable Solar Panel.

    *DELTA 2 and 220W Portable Solar Panel will be shipped separately.

    1. DELTA 2 

    2. AC Charging Cable 

    3. Car charging cable 

    4. DC5521 to DC5525 cable 

    5. User Manual 

    6. App quick start guide 

    7. Warranty card*

    8. The solar to XT60 charging cable is included in EcoFlow portable solar panels

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