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  • Eccotemp Smart Home 6.8 GPM Outdoor Tankless Water Heater


    Heat your water smarter with the Eccotemp Smart Home 6.8 GPM Outdoor Tankless Water Heater!

    This technology-driven design guarantees comfort and ease, providing limitless hot water while conserving both space and energy. Leading the revolution in home comfort technology, this tankless water heater is the first all-in-one smart solution patented in the market.

    Say goodbye to the complex and costly integrations of traditional heaters - this model comes with a built-in smart system, streamlining your home's water heating functionality within a single device.

    Envision a home that anticipates your needs, where you can orchestrate your water heater's operation with just your voice. Thanks to its Wi-Fi connectivity, this heater can be paired with Amazon Alexa and Google Home to access smart voice commands, and the Eccotemp mobile app allows you to control and monitor your water heater from anywhere. 

    Start your day with a hot shower by simply saying, "Alexa, turn on water heater." Coming home to a warm bath has never been easier - just say, "Ok Google, set water heater to 90 degrees." With our smart tankless water heater, you'll have a personal assistant ensuring your comfort. 

    Harness the power of the Eccotemp mobile app to manage your water heater from any location. Personalize temperature settings, establish routines, set timers, and view in-depth consumption data, including costs right at your fingertips. This enables you to tailor your hot water usage to fit your lifestyle, maximizing energy efficiency and minimizing utility expenses. Furthermore, the Eccotemp app sends maintenance alerts directly to your phone, keeping you informed about your water heater's health, ensuring longevity and peak performance. 

    Outdoor installation is a breeze, making it the perfect addition to any home type. Its compact, wall-mounted design and sleek tempered glass cover not only preserves valuable floor space but also adds a stylish touch to your home’s exterior.  

    Indulge in the comfort of unlimited hot water, intuitive control, and energy-smart performance in your home. Elevate your living experience today with our advanced water heating solution and enjoy the absolute comfort and convenience of a never-ending supply of hot water! 

    The Eccotemp SH22 Series has been CSA tested and approved for use in the US & Canada at elevations up to 2000 feet. Installation and use above 2000 feet may affect overall product efficiency and performance. We do not recommend installation and use above 5000 feet. 

    Select your power preference, as this innovative product offers both Liquid Propane and Natural Gas source options.


    • With a temperature range of 95-140 degrees Fahrenheit and rated for 3-4 applications, this heater provides on-demand hot showers for up to 3 bathrooms simultaneously. 
    • Rated at 6.8 GPM (gallons per minute) at 140,000 BTU with a temperature rise of 35 degrees, this ultra-efficient tankless hot water heater is ideal for almost any standard-sized single-family home, townhome, condo, cabin, apartment, or light commercial use. 
    • Enjoy real-time control over your home's water heating needs. Use the Eccotemp mobile app to track energy consumption, adjust temperatures, set schedules, or even detect product and network errors. Unlock substantial savings with our Eco Mode feature, a smart solution that can help you reduce energy consumption by up to 25%. If your incoming water is set at a higher temperature than needed, simply use your phone to adjust the settings, aiding in lower utility usage, such as gas. 
    • Experience the convenience of the versatile smart app settings that display your desired currency (USD/CAD), dual-mode Fahrenheit and Celsius temperature readings, and preferred gas measurement unit, offering a personalized understanding of your usage. 
    • Seamlessly connect with Amazon Alexa or Google Home for voice command functions like:  "Alexa, set my water heater to 110 degrees" or "Hey Google, switch off my water heater." 
    • Smart Power Button feature turns your model on or off, detects error codes, connects to wireless networks, and enables sleep mode to prevent unnecessary energy use - all with a simple touch. 
    • The SH22 Series can be complemented with our patented, one-of-a-kind EZ-Flush Descaling Kit to ensure your tankless water heater is running at maximum efficiency all year long. 
    • Expertly constructed with rigorous engineering, this water heater is built to last. Its materials have been carefully selected to provide superior efficiency and unrivaled reliability, ensuring you'll benefit from its service for years to come. 
    • CSA certified for installation in the US and Canada.
    • Note: This product cannot be used for Hydronic Systems, Recirculating, or Floor Heating


    Installation: Outdoor
    Flow Rate: 6.8 GPM
    Color: Black
    Applications: Whole Home
    Power Type: Liquid Propane or Natural Gaz
    Dimensions: 17.60" x 29.75" x 9.50"


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