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  • MRCOOL GeoCool Inverter Series 48K BTU 4 Ton Geothermal Heat Pump Multi Positional 230V 1-Phase 60Hz DC Inverter Compressor


    Embrace comfort with the GeoCool® all DC Inverter Technology. Equipped with the highprecision Electronic Expansion Valve, allowing for more accurate temperature control while also keeping the utility bill down. The flexibility of four independent modules makes it easy to meet the installation requirements of different air outlet methods and applications. Space constraints are less of an issue when a custom built layout is an option! For a long term solution with lower maintenance costs, design your own GeoCool® Inverter Series Geothermal unit.


    Certified Efficiency: GeoCool® Inverter Series has been recognized on Energy Star's Most Efficient list for its top-tier efficiency, signifying the best for economical and ecological savings.

    Up to 70 EER: The GeoCool® Heat Pump can move more than 3 units of heat energy for every unit of electrical energy used to power the system.

    Adaptable Installation Options: With Horizontal, Vertical, and Split options, GeoCool® systems can be easily subdivided or expanded to meet the demand of most applications.

    You Won't Hear A Thing: With a dB(a) as low as 58 when cooling, and a dB(a) as low as 60 when heating, the GeoCool Inverter Series keeps your home cool with no loud noises.

    Reliability Saves Money: Protected indoors or underground, GeoCool® premium equipment is built to run efficiently for decades.

    Lifetime Savings: GeoCool® systems can reduce utility bills by over 70% compared to conventional systems

    Low Environmental Impact: Ground source heating and cooling is naturally renewable and non-polluting.

    NOTE: These Split Systems would require the use of the Mrcool No-Vac Quick Connect line set. We offer multiple lengths for various application requirements.

    More Information

    • Up to 70 EER
    • DC Inverter technology
    • Closed loop - Full load - Cooling Current Input: 13 Heating Current Input: 17 || Open Loop- Full Load - Cooling Current Input: 10 Heating Current Input: 17
    • Open loop Operating Pressure Range: Min: 25 psi || Max: 50 psi
    • Closed loop Operating Pressure Range: Min: 25 psi || Max: 50 psi
    • Cooling Operating Range: Inlet: 44.6F - 107.6F || Ambient: 50F - 100.4F || Return Air: 60.8F - 89.6F
    • Heating Operating Range: Inlet 21.2F - 89.6F || Ambient: 39.2F - 84.2F || Return Air: 50F - 80.6F
    • Open loop - Full load - EER: 27.02 COP: 4.2 || Open Loop- Part Load - EER: 70.97 COP: 6.2
    • Closed loop - Full load - EER: 18.29 COP: 3.4 || Closed Loop- Part Load - EER: 48.79 COP: 5.1
    • Full Fluid Flow (GPM): 7.93 || Partial Fluid Flow (GPM): 7.93
    • Open loop - Full load - Cooling Capacity: 50500 BTU Heating Capacity: 48000 BTU || Open Loop- Part Load - Cooling Capacity: 13300 BTU Heating Capacity: 11000 BTU
    • Closed loop - Full load - Cooling Capacity: 46500 BTU Heating Capacity: 40000 BTU || Closed Loop- Part Load -Cooling Capacity: 14500 BTU Heating Capacity: 9800 BTU

    10-year Parts/5-year Labor: GeoCool units come with a standard 10-year limited parts warranty and a 5-year labor warranty for the original registered owner.

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