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  • Dreampod Vmax Float Pod


    For Business Use

    The V-Max embodies the exceptional floating experience of its counterparts, designed to cater to slightly larger individuals such as athletes, those with mobility challenges, center owners offering couple floats, and anyone else who appreciates extra space compared to the V2 Pod.

    We believe the Dreampod Vmax sets a new standard as one of the largest, most advanced, and competitively priced commercial Isolation Pods on the market. Crafted with premium fiberglass and plastics, its exterior is polished to a brilliant finish, ensuring easy maintenance and cleaning. The solid foam core embedded within guarantees superior soundproofing and heat retention, optimizing comfort during floats while reducing energy consumption.

    The door is robust yet effortlessly operable, equipped with high-quality gas springs for smooth opening and closing. Its single-piece die-cast aluminum handle offers durability and reliability.

    Inside, the same polished coating ensures a seamless experience. A discreet passive air circulation system maintains ideal conditions without compromising temperature or soundproofing. Additionally, the floor features an anti-slip surface for added safety.

    The Dreampod Vmax is engineered with exceptional quality and reliability at its core. Its critical components are sourced from reputable suppliers in the U.S. or Europe, all holding certifications validating their top-notch quality from standard certification bodies.

    Equipped with a high-quality, powerful magnetic drive shaft pump, this model ensures efficient cleaning between floats, thanks to its larger motor size. Crafted from anti-corrosive materials, the pump operates relatively silently. The heater boasts a high-efficiency titanium heat exchanger, delivering over 2000W of power with outstanding safety features.

    Hygiene maintenance is prioritized with several features. A custom-built stainless steel enclosure houses a replaceable 10-micron filter bag, capable of filtering debris as tiny as 1/4 the size of a human hair. Additionally, water passes through a UV light array, effectively eliminating microorganisms surviving the water's high salt content. Unique to the Dreampod Vmax is its dual chemical injection system, allowing for the use of two chemical disinfectants of choice.

    The electronic system is safeguarded by electrical leakage protection (GFC) both internally and externally within the electrical box. To enhance safety further, a water leakage sensor can be connected to the electrical box. Critical areas are equipped with sensors, triggering water pumps in case of a leak and optionally sending alerts to registered mobile phones via SMS.

    Internally, a high-power lighting system offers soothing and visually appealing light animations during idle times or floats, with the ability to control the light via a button inside the Dreampod Vmax. Plus, two tactile transducers embedded in the front of the pod ensure excellent underwater acoustics.

    The Dreampod features a high-quality exterior made from premium fiberglass and plastics, meticulously polished to a brilliant shine.

    Seamlessly integrates with nearly any standard TCP/IP network, enabling effortless access from anywhere within your facility, whether wired or wireless. Upon powering the pod on, you can easily access its control panel using your laptop, PC, iPhone, or iPad.

    Business Insight:
    Generate comprehensive reports for clear insights into your Dreampod's performance. These reports cover metrics like the number of sessions, session duration, idle time, as well as pump and heating durations, providing valuable business intelligence.

    Continuous Development:
    What's even better? Continuous enhancing of software, making it even more user-friendly and compatible with an expanding range of devices.

    User-Friendly Interface:
    The intuitive control panel ensures ease of operation. Manage various aspects of your Dreampod effortlessly, including session start and stop, music playback with playlist management, temperature control, UV filtration, and chemical dosing schedules.

    The Dreampod Vmax effortlessly connects to almost any standard TCP/IP network, facilitating convenient access from anywhere in the facility, whether wired or wireless. Once powered on, simply access its intuitive control panel via your laptop or PC, iPhone, or iPad.

    The control panel is user-friendly and straightforward to operate, allowing you to manage virtually every aspect of your Dreampod Vmax. From initiating and ending sessions to controlling music playlists, adjusting temperature settings, managing UV filtration, and scheduling chemical dosing, you have full control at your fingertips.

    Additionally, a comprehensible report is generated to provide insights into the performance of your Dreampod Vmax. This report includes metrics such as the number of sessions, session duration, idle time, and durations of pump and heating operations.

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