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  • Eccotemp EccoFlo Diaphragm 12V Water Pump and Strainer


    Experience the convenience of the Eccotemp EccoFlo wherever pressurized water is needed.

    Whether drawing water from a creek to fuel your Eccotemp Portable Tankless Water Heater or transferring liquids between locations, this is your go-to solution for the task.

    CE Certified and compatible with all of our portable tankless water heaters, Eccoflo proves indispensable in scenarios requiring liquid pumping or pressurization. Featuring a self-priming capability, the pump can safely run dry without incurring damage.

    Designed to activate and deactivate in tandem with your water tap nozzle, the EccoFlo operates efficiently with only 12V power, making it usable virtually anywhere. The package includes everything necessary for a quick and straightforward installation.

    Water heaters
    Marine applications
    Agriculture spraying waterlines
    Water-operated equipment
    Beverage processing
    Filtration and solar water systems

    2.9 GPM (Gallons per minute), 50 PSI, 12 Volt, 8 Amp
    Reliable performance in high-flow, moderate-pressure applications
    CE Certified
    Soft, Noise Absorbing Mounts
    Can safely run dry
    Snap-in 1/2" Port Fittings
    Made of Corrosion Resistant Materials

    1 x Instructional Manual
    12V Pump
    Sediment Strainer
    2 – ½” Threaded Adapters
    1 – ½” 90º Barbed Adapter
    1 – ½” Barbed Adapter
    Red & Black (+/-) Alligator Clips

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