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  • Nestron Cube Two

    Introducing Nestron Cube Two, the ideal living solution crafted to cater to medium-sized households of 3-4 members.

    Starting at $55,800.00

    Introducing Nestron Cube Two, the ideal living solution crafted to cater to medium-sized households of 3-4 members. With its thoughtful design centered around an open concept, C2 redefines the way families experience home, providing a spacious and inviting atmosphere for entertainment and quality time with loved ones.

    Starting at $55,800

    Spacious Living for Entertainment and Bonding:
    Nestron Cube Two boasts a generously sized living room area, creating the perfect environment for entertainment and fun activities with family and friends. Embrace the joy of shared moments in a living space designed to enhance your family's togetherness.

    Stargazing Delight with Skylight Dome:
    Experience the magic of the night sky within the comfort of your own home. Cube Two features a special skylight dome, allowing families to indulge in the pleasure of stargazing. This unique feature not only brings nature's wonders closer but also satisfies children's curiosity about the universe.

    Double Bedrooms for Organized Space:
    C2 offers double bedrooms that provide a well-organized space for each member of the family. The thoughtful layout ensures optimal space utilization, allowing for efficient organization while maintaining a harmonious living environment.

    Optimized Space with 10-15% Storage Area:
    Innovation meets functionality with Cube Two's design, featuring a storable area that can be maximized by 10-15%. Say goodbye to clutter and welcome a home where every inch is optimized for your family's needs.

    Perfect Choice for Two-Bedroom Living:
    If you're in search of a two-bedroom living space that seamlessly blends comfort and functionality, Nestron Cube Two is the perfect choice for your family. Experience the convenience of a thoughtfully designed home that caters to your lifestyle and brings joy to your everyday living.

    Elevate your family's living experience with Nestron Cube Two – where spaciousness, innovation, and the joy of shared moments come together in perfect harmony. Welcome home to a new standard of family living.

    • Dimensions:
      9000mm (29.6ft) L × 3600mm (11.1ft) W × 3000mm (9.1ft) H
    • Area:
      32.4 sqm | 328.75 sqft
    • Weight:
      ≈7000kg | 7 tons| 14000 lbs
    • Layout:
      Living Room, Bedroom, Kitchen, Bar Counter, Bathroom
    • Renovation:
      Fine Decoration and Fully Furbish
    • Pest control:
      Termite Resistant
    • Base Price: $55,800

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