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  • Eccotemp Luxé Outdoor Portable Tankless Water Heater with LED Display


    At Home of Prefab, we only offer the best quality innovative products in the market for our glampers and adventurers customers.

    We proudly introduce Eccotemp's Portable Tankless Water Heaters, the globally recognized and CSA approved choice for reliable hot water on-the-go. Crafted with meticulous attention to quality, features, and affordability both models Luxe EL5 and Luxe EL7 stand out with any weather condition and the Tri-Coat Pearl White Powder Coat Paint, offers a distinctive aesthetic unmatched in the market.

    Built for durability, the uniquely designed steel handle sets it apart from competitors. The Luxe EL5 and EL7 models boast a user-friendly LED Digital Temperature display, ON/OFF status indicator, and Pressure Gauge, taking the guesswork out of water pressure management. This innovation is an industry first for our Luxe series portable tankless water heaters. The ON/OFF LED Indicator, powered by "4 x AA" batteries, keeps you informed of the unit's operational status.

    Fine-tune your water temperature with precision using the adjustable Water and Gas knobs, ensuring optimal comfort. Safety is paramount, the built-in Anti-Flame Tilt Switch, automatically shuts off when tilted beyond 45 degrees, along with temperature-regulating sensors to prevent scalding.

    Engineered to operate flawlessly at elevations up to 2000 ft, it excels in various settings, from camping and hunting to off-grid living and poolside relaxation. Attach a garden hose and a 20-pound propane tank for immediate access to endless hot water, making tasks a breeze. No electricity? No worries. This model is tailored for off-grid environments where power may be limited.

    The recommended operating range for the EL5 is 20~80 PSI with a 1.5 or 1.85 GPM flow. In cases of low water flow/pressure, consider the Eccotemp EccoFlo 12-volt pump & Strainer (sold separately) for an extra boost of water power. Join the ranks of satisfied customers who rely on Eccotemp's Portable Tankless Water Heaters for convenience and efficiency in their daily routines. Elevate your hot water experience with Home of Prefab.

    Chose from 2 models of this product, 1.5 GPM or 1.85 GPM


    • Lightweight, easy-to-carry and compact, this water heater can be used for camping, hunting, off-grid living, equestrian, poolside, backyard showers, pet bathing, washing vehicles, in your greenhouse, food trucks and tiny homes!
    • Rated at 1.5 Gallons per minute (GPM) with an achievable temperature range of 50 – 120 degrees Fahrenheit.
    • Beautiful Tri-Coat Pearl White Powder Coat Painting, Modern Digital Display  and All Weather Rain Cap make the EL5 durable for frequent use.
    • The EL5 runs on a standard 20 lb. Liquid Propane tank, is equipped with an electronic ignition, and is powered by “4 x AA” batteries.
    • CSA certified for use in the US and Canada. This tankless water heater meets and exceeds all safety and efficiency requirements according to the DOE.
    • Features a Safety Shut Off Switch that automatically shuts down the water heater when tilted more than 45 degrees.
    • Low pressure activation at 20 PSI & easily connected to a standard garden hose.


    • 1.5 or 1.85 GPM
    • Super charged 37,500 BTUs or 52,500 BTUs
    • Use anytime, anywhere
    • Digital LED pressure indicator
    • Digital LED “ON” indicator
    • Digital LED temperature display
    • Tilt switch safety technology
    • 4 AA battery ignition
    • Liquid propane fired
    • Compact design
    • 2 Year manufacturer warranty
    • Advanced over temperature safety
    • Meticulously designed steel case and durable steel carrying handle
    • Beautiful tri-coat pearl white powder coat painting


    Flow Rate: 1.5 - 1.85 GPM
    Installation: Outdoor (Temporary Installation), Portable
    Color: Pearl White
    Map Zone Southern Region, Mid Region, Northern Region


    Applications Outdoor Shower, Cabins, Tiny Homes, Off Grid, Recreational, Camping, Pet Bathing, Equestrian, Hunting, Emergency Prep, Food Trucks, Green Houses

    In the Box

    Eccotemp EL5 or EL7 Portable Tankless Water Heater, 3 spray shower headset, CSA certified gas regulator and hose, mounting hardware, and garden hose quick connect and adapter.


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