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  • Dreampod V2 Float Pod


    For Business Use

    Introducing the ultimate entry-level pod in its class!

    The Dreampod Sport has been a staple for years, but in light of recent events, we recognized the need to offer a product that's affordable, dependable, aesthetically pleasing, and serves as the perfect starting point for newcomers to the world of floating.

    The Sport encompasses everything you need to kickstart your business. Despite its compact size, it offers remarkable comfort and accommodates individuals up to 7 feet tall. Featuring the same internal structure and design as our flagship V2 pod and its larger counterpart, the V-max.

    Equipped with a user-friendly wired control panel, you can effortlessly manage temperature, LED lighting, chemical injector for hassle-free sanitization, and session timing. The filtration system boasts a 10-micron filter, built-in UV sanitization, and an inline heater, ensuring simplicity and convenience in everyday use.

    The Dreampod Sport is your go-to solution whenever you're ready! Whether you're launching your first float-centric venture, integrating floating into your current business, or simply bringing the float experience home, the Dreampod Sport offers unmatched value for your investment.

    The Dreampod features a high-quality exterior made from premium fiberglass and plastics, meticulously polished to a brilliant shine.

    Seamlessly integrates with nearly any standard TCP/IP network, enabling effortless access from anywhere within your facility, whether wired or wireless. Upon powering the pod on, you can easily access its control panel using your laptop, PC, iPhone, or iPad.

    Business Insight:
    Generate comprehensive reports for clear insights into your Dreampod's performance. These reports cover metrics like the number of sessions, session duration, idle time, as well as pump and heating durations, providing valuable business intelligence.

    Continuous Development:
    What's even better? Continuous enhancing of software, making it even more user-friendly and compatible with an expanding range of devices.

    User-Friendly Interface:
    The intuitive control panel ensures ease of operation. Manage various aspects of your Dreampod effortlessly, including session start and stop, music playback with playlist management, temperature control, UV filtration, and chemical dosing schedules.

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