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  • May 02, 2024 2 min read

    Have you heard about mineral floating or soaking therapy? Is it truly beneficial or just another passing trend?

    In a world where wellness trends seem to come and go, it's natural to wonder about the efficacy of various therapeutic practices. But what if there's more to mineral floating and soaking therapy than meets the eye?

    Recent research in the expanding realm of balneotherapy, which employs mineral water immersion to address various ailments, challenges previous assumptions by suggesting that beneficial minerals in the water can indeed be absorbed through the skin.

    A comprehensive review conducted by Stephen C. Mitchell and Rosemary Waring from the University of Birmingham, United Kingdom, examined over 120 sources, including books and scholarly articles. Their findings, published in the journal Xenobiotica, shed light on the ability of ions to traverse the skin barrier. Specifically, their focus centered on compounds containing sulfates, such as magnesium sulfate (commonly known as Epsom salts), characterized by one sulfur atom and four oxygen atoms.

    Waring noted that much of the research originated in Eastern Europe, likely due to the prevalent use of hot mineral springs in the region. Despite the scattered nature of the information, evidence suggests that both cations and anions can indeed cross the skin barrier.

    Previous collaborative efforts by Waring, Mitchell, and others involved an experiment demonstrating elevated levels of magnesium and sulfate following Epsom salt baths. In this study, nineteen healthy volunteers participated in soaking sessions ranging from 122°F to 131°F for 12 minutes over seven consecutive days. Analysis of blood and urine samples indicated increased magnesium absorption, particularly among individuals with adequate magnesium levels, accompanied by a rise in sulfate levels. The researchers recommended soaking two to three times weekly in 500 to 600 grams of Epsom salts for optimal benefits.

    In another experiment utilizing human skin at body temperature, Waring and Mitchell observed rapid penetration of sulfates through the skin barrier, whereas magnesium exhibited slower absorption. Further experiments led Mitchell to conclude that magnesium can penetrate the skin and accumulate as a protein complex, gradually releasing over time. Notably, in a trial where older patients wore patches containing solid magnesium sulfate, elevated levels were detected in blood and urine samples, accompanied by reports of diminished rheumatic pains.

    While additional research is warranted, these early findings suggest that soaking in hot mineral water may offer therapeutic, relaxing, and invigorating effects attributed to essential minerals crucial for human health. This scientific validation mirrors the personal testimonials of individuals reporting enhanced physical, emotional, and mental well-being from their soaking experiences.

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